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Will My Breasts Feel Normal after a Breast Augmentation? Part 2…

So discussed saline vs. silicone implants and over vs. under muscle implantation in a previous blog since these are typical debates people have when preparing for breast augmentation surgery.  Today we get to talk about size and the difference caused by the amount of normal breast tissue present before breast augmentation surgery.

  • Smaller Implants vs. Larger Implants: Most of our clients in the Beverly Hills area are not surprised to hear that larger implants take longer to feel natural and overly large implants may never feel natural especially if they are saline. It doesn’t mean people dislike them or don’t get used to them. It’s just good to have realistic expectations. So how large is too large? Well, that’s totally up to the individual. We just always inform our Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills clients that getting large breasts with a breast augmentation carries some downfalls. Most smaller implants take little to no getting used to and feel relatively natural in no time.
  • Less Normal Breast Tissue vs. More Normal Breast Tissue: The amount of natural breast tissue that exists before is also be a factor. The more tissue there is, the more quickly the implants will take on the look and the feel of natural breasts. Again the degree of change also makes a difference. For example, if you make a huge leap from an A cup to a D cup with little breast tissue to start with, the tissue with be a little more stretched out and not feel as natural as if there was more breast tissue to start with.

There are definitely a lot to consider when preparing for a breast augmentation. We know it can be a little overwhelming and by no means do we or anyone else expect you to know exactly what you want before coming in for a breast implants consultation. Here at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office we will take as much time as necessary to go over all the considerations and questions you may have in regards to your breast augmentation.  We are in the business of making your cosmetic dreams come true so contact us today and we will be here to help you out every step of the way!