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Why Spend More for a Board Certified Surgeon?

When it comes to plastic surgery, whether it be for health reasons or purely cosmetic, it is important to go with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  The difference is in more than just the price. It is important to understand that just because someone performs surgeries, does not mean they are Board Certified. Do not make the mistake of going with a doctor that has not been specifically trained in plastic surgery.

That brings me to my first point. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is trained in plastic surgery, as well as they are experts in both facial and body procedures. To become a Board Certified plastic surgeon, you must complete a minimum of five years of surgical training after medical school. This includes a residency in plastic surgery. The training and residency dives deep into facial and body surgeries.

Plastic surgeons are also highly trained in preventing and, if necessary, handling emergencies. With a complete understanding of body systems such as ventilation, circulation, fluid and electrolyte balance, a plastic surgeon is well equipped to have your safety at the top of his/her priorities.

Board certified plastic surgeons are also trained to have technical skill and aesthetic judgment.  This comes from years of training in reconstructive surgeries that fine tune the skills necessary for cosmetic treatments. The judgment of balance and proportion is necessary to be able to provide top notch cosmetic procedures.

Lastly, because a surgeon is a Board certified plastic surgeon, they have the ability to perform a variety of treatments. This is a full scope of cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Hovsepian is a Board certified plastic surgeon, with years of experience. If you think you are interested in any procedure contact our office today and set up a consultation.  Dr. Hovsepian will answer any questions you may have and determine is plastic surgery is a safe and practical option for you.