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Why more men are choosing male breast reduction

Men have traditionally had a tougher time than women if heredity and age are making them feel less attractive.  Women can wear makeup, pushup bras and high heels to disguise all sorts of physical imperfections.  Whereas men have been stuck dealing with the hand they were dealt.   A common issue for men is the “man boob” or enlarged male breast.  Often, this is hereditary, and no amount of exercise and dieting can eliminate the excess fat and skin on the male chest.  It can also come as a result of obesity, puberty, excessive alcohol use, or just the natural aging process.  Regardless of the cause, it is not just a physical problem but a psychological problem as well, causing embarrassment for men who will go so far as to change their entire lifestyle and wardrobe simply to disguise or hide their enlarged breasts.

Male breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills is an alternative to that embarrassment that more and more men are turning to.  Depending on the severity of the condition, male breast reduction can be done as an outpatient surgery with a recovery time that is relatively short.  In more severe cases, recovery time can be longer and require more downtime.  It’s not only women who get stressed out and anxious about bathing suit season, it’s men too.  The idea of going to the pool or the beach and taking their shirt off is not even an option.  Consider the possibility this spring of feeling confident about going shirtless, instead of making excuses about being chilly or wanting to avoid excessive sun exposure.  Imagine feeling good about showing off the results of your healthy workout habits by not having to wear baggy or layered clothing, and instead wear something more form fitting and flattering.

Triple Board Certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian is available for consultation to discuss how male breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills may not only enhance your appearance but change your perception of yourself.  Schedule a consultation this spring and make an impact on your summer.