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Why can’t I get a straight answer about Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Have you repeatedly asked Google or any other reliable source of information about ethnic rhinoplasty to never receive a clear answer? Well you are not alone, because there really is no generalizing this term! Ethnic rhinoplasty is a sub- specialty of rhinoplasty, and is arguably one of the most difficult procedures to perform in plastic surgery.

The very nature of the word ethnic begs so many questions and inevitably leads to very diverse answers. Not only are the answers regarding ethnic rhinoplasty going to be diverse, but the approaches and individual procedure will feature a very high level of diversity by nature.

Ethic rhinoplasty refers to rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, on any and all ethnic groups including but not limited to Asians, African Americans, Middle Easterners, and Hispanics, with the exception of Caucasians. The inherent diversity amongst these different ethnic groups carries over into ethnic rhinoplasty.

African Americans do not come to their Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with the same complaints about the appearance of their nose as a Middle Eastern person does, and they do not come to their Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with the same complaints as an Asian person typically would.

Ethic rhinoplasty strives to improve the physical appearance of the nose while still preserving ethic identity. For this reason it is pertinent that your chosen Beverly Hills plastic surgeon not only understands the similarities and differences between all the different aesthetic nose issues and how to properly approach their correction without over or under correcting your nose, but they must also understand ethnic values and the different ways various ethnicities conceive of beauty.

Choosing your ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon is the most important part of the entire process. With the right plastic surgeon you can have the nose you never dreamed possible. Call the office of triple board certified Dr. Raffi Hovsepian today to schedule your Beverly Hills ethnic rhinoplasty consultation.