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When Is Breast Reduction Necessary? Beverly Hills Mammoplasty

It has been cemented in various studies that the majority of women prefer large breasts. This is because big breasts are associated with female fertility and sexuality. The other side of the picture is that there are women who have huge or fairly huge breasts that breast reduction is a necessity.

Why Is Breast Reduction Necessary?

It is only necessary for women who have naturally huge breasts and are burdened with them, those having growing breasts all of a sudden due to medical anomaly, or those with big breasts that are disproportionate to the whole body figure.

How Does It Feel To Have Huge Breasts?

Having big breasts is a dream for many women, but it can be a burden for some women if their breasts become a source of ridicule, discomfort and imbalance to body figure. The overly big breasts can provide physical strain and can affect the self-confidence of a woman.

What Exactly Is Breast Reduction?

It is a cosmetic surgery that is aimed at reducing and reshaping a pair of overly large breasts. The ultimate and usual aim is to make the breasts proportionate to the woman’s body. To ensure the functional sensitivity and lactational capability of the breasts after the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon has to consider the tissue viability of the nipple-areola complex. The other name for breast reduction is reduction mammoplasty.

Is a Breast Reduction The Same For All Women?

No, as there are no two women with exactly the same body. The surgeon has to note down your relevant body stats and juxtapose those figures with your specific expectations and motivations to the surgery at hand. You can learn more about breast reduction or mammoplasty here.

Who's The Right Doctor To Do Breast Reduction?

It should be a plastic surgeon with a knack for surgical precision and artistic skills, like Dr. Raffi Hovsepian. Based in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, Dr. Hovsepian believes that the individual approach can best provide successful surgical outcome for every woman. Since Dr. Hovsepian is Triple Board Certified, he is one of the most respected plastic cosmetic surgeons in all of the United States.