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What Causes Breasts to Lose Volume, Shape?

Ptosis is what is medically termed as the sagging of breasts.  The main cause to this natural consequence is age.  As we age, our skin elasticity decreases and gravity starts showing its power. If a woman uses tobacco, has multiple pregnancies and increased weight gain ptosis can also occur earlier on in a lifetime.

The degree of sagging can also be determined by genetics, which determines skin elasticity, the size of breasts, and the balance of adipose and glandular tissue.

Dr. Hovsepian will determine the degree of ptosis by evaluating where the nipple falls in relation to the mammary fold. The most severe case the nipples will be below the fold and pointing downward.

There are ways to prevent ptosis from occurring earlier on.  One way is having the right type of sports bra.  A 2007 study found that when the bra is separated into individual cups front he breast, they are more effective at keeping the breasts from moving than the compression type bra.

It is a common misconception that breast feeding causes sagging. This is simply not true, and your decision to breast feed should not be affected by the fear of sagging breasts. It is also important to understand that bras do not prevent ptosis.

Pregnancy can cause ptosis to set in because as the body releases hormones, breast will become larger to hold milk, thus stretching the skin. Each time the weight fluctuates the skin stretches more and can cause sagging.

The results of ptosis is that many women seek plastic surgery to fix sagging breasts. Dr. Hovsepian will most likely recommend a breast lift to fix the sagging.  If a women is seeking not only a lift, but more volume, a breast lift with implants will most likely be the right course of action. It is common to place the implant above the muscle to avoid the skin sagging down below the implant when placed beneath the muscle.

During your first consultation, Dr. Hovsepian will evaluate your condition and discuss what you expect from the procedure and desired goals. It is important to us that we help you along the path to a decision and that you are confident with the choice and the pending results.