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What Are the Benefits to Shrink-Wrap Liposuction?

Are you interested in a liposuction procedure, but your schedule simply doesn’t facilitate a prolonged downtime from work or other activities? Dr. Raffi Hovsepian’s Shrink-Wrap Liposuction is for you. A Shrink-Wrap Liposuction can give you improved results over a traditional liposuction and the results will improve even after the procedure, all while using minimally-invasive surgical techniques to have you back to your routine within just days of your treatment.

Shrink-Wrap Liposuction uses “fat melting” and “skin tightening” FDA approved laser technologies to remove and melt stubborn fat. The treatment also encourages collagen contraction, skin tightening, and overall tissue shrinkage. Using minuscule incisions, Shrink-wrap Liposuction safely removes fat from the body and tightens your skin. The best part is once the fat is removed from your body, it is gone forever.

What makes Shrink-wrap Liposuction different from traditional and laser liposuction technologies is that Shrink-Wrap Liposuction is able to specifically target fat cells, melting large pockets of fat to enhance overall results. Traditional liposuction methods simply cannot guarantee the same kind of results.

By targeting specific fat cells, Shrink-wrap Liposuction avoids disrupting nerves and blood cells. This greatly reduces the required downtime following treatment when compared to a traditional liposuction. Prior to the development of the Shrink-Wrap Liposuction, patients were forced to have a tummy tuck to produce similar results, leading to weeks of downtime and recovery. A Shrink-Wrap Liposuction also eliminates the potential for visible scarring that comes with traditional liposuction treatments.

If you are interested in seeing an astonishing improvement to your tummy, without the obvious drawbacks of a traditional or laser liposuction, contact Dr. Hovsepian today to learn more about his innovative Shrink-Wrap Liposuction and how it can improve your quality of life. Schedule a consultation today and be on your way to shrinking two to four clothes sizes.