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What are my options for long-term lip augmentation?

Many Beverly Hills residents find they aren’t satisfied with the look of their lips. If you’re one of them, there’s good news. There are many options for people hoping to surgically improve the look of their lips. Fat transfers and lip implants are the best options for those wanting a permanent solution to their lip issues and triple board certified, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raffi Hovsepian is an expert at both procedures.

A lip augmentation can restore a full and vivacious look to your lips and give you more confidence in your daily social interactions. In the ever-changing market of lip augmentation, Dr. Hovsepian can work with you to determine the best treatment to meet your needs. In some cases, temporary lip injections may be best. In other cases, a long-term solution such as a fat transfer or lip implant is the better solution.

Fat transfer is an appealing option because when done right, the results can last for ten years or more. They also feel more normal as the materials are as natural as they come. Since fat takes on the feeling of the structure it is placed next to, it is important you tell your physician exactly what you want and that the physician understands aesthetics. This is a guarantee when working with triple board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian.

Beverly Hills lip implants come in multiple brands, types, and shapes so there is surely a solution that fits your needs. Lip implants are easy to insert and if you later decide to alter your lips, lip implants are easily removable.

Your best bet for both temporary and permanent lip augmentation in Beverly Hills is Dr. Hovsepian. With years of experience and thousands of operations performed, his work speaks for itself. If you have any questions about lip implants in Beverly Hills, contact Dr. Hovsepian today.