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Understand a Breast Lift and What Can be Achieved

As with any surgery, before you decide to go through with an operation it is important to know what the procedure entails and what results will be achieved.

At your initial consultation with Dr. Hovsepian, he will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a mastopexy (breast lift). Below is a list of what qualifies you as a good candidate for this operation:

- No tobacco use

- Healthy and at a stable weight

- You are unhappy with the way your breasts sag and the lack of shape and volume

- Your nipples lay below the mammary fold and possibly point downward

- Your skin is stretched and areolas are enlarged

- One breast is lower than the other

- You are not wanting to get pregnant any time after the surgery

Once your physician has determined you are a candidate, a date will be set for the operation.

On the day of your surgery, once you are prepped and ready, the first thing that will happen in the operating room is the administration of the anesthesia. Dr. Hovsepian will determine if intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is best for you.

Next comes the incision, of which there are three types.

- Around the areola

- Around the areola and down vertically to the crease of the breast

- Around the areola, down to the breast crease, and horizontal along the breast crease

Once the incision is made, the underlying tissue is lifted and reshaped to the desired breast contour. The nipple and areola will have to be repositioned to give the look of a more natural, youthful breast. This is when the areola will also be minimized if it is considered too large. To compensate for the loss of elasticity causing the breast to sag, excess skin will also be removed.

Once everything is in place and shaped, the incisions must be closed. There is no way to completely avoid a scar, but they usually will fade over time. If possible, the scars will be hidden in the crease of the breast.

Once you have made it through the recovery period, it will be a few months until you see the results of your new shape. It is important to remain healthy and maintain a stable weight as to not alter the shape of your breasts.  Age and gravity will continue to have their effect on your breasts, this is not a permanent solution.