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The Positive Impacts of Lip Augmentation

Are you familiar with the “limbic system” in the human body?  It is a system within the brain that is primarily responsible for holding our memories, and responsible for our emotional life, including behavior, motivation and feelings.  Did you know that the lips are directly connected to the limbic system and can convey emotion and feelings in very expressive and non-verbal ways just as our eyes do?

For example, when a person is tense or stressed, or when they receive bad news, lips will whiten and tighten and often disappear.  This is a vascular reaction of the body’s receipt of the unpleasant news.  When someone is worried or anxious, they chew on their lips.  Also, lips can be inviting, appealing, sensual and soft.  Take a look at a bride’s lips before the first kiss at a wedding.  Most likely, her lips are full and rosy.  The brain is an amazing thing in the way it conveys emotion through physical representation.

It’s no wonder then that lip augmentation in Beverly Hills has become a popular and common form of cosmetic surgery.  In Dr. Hovsepian’s Beverly Hills practice, clients who have inherited thin lips, or who have lost definition and fullness with age are having this procedure done to restore fullness and vibrancy.  Lip augmentation also can correct drooping around the mouth and diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area, restoring confidence in a smile.  Thin lips and a downturned mouth can give a first impression of stinginess or lack of approachability.  Full and vivacious lips are not only a sign of health and a revered sign of beauty; they send a non-verbal clue about your personality and mood.  Don’t let genetics and time conspire against you to send unintended messages.

Schedule a Consultation with Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills office to determine if a lip augmentation is the right procedure for you.