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The importance of a breast augmentation consultation

Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills remains one of the most popular and sought out plastic surgery procedures in the country. Women everywhere love the feeling of restored self-confidence or perhaps even newly found confidence when they are able to experience the feminine feeling of fuller, rounder breasts or to fill in what nature, time and perhaps child bearing have pulled away. Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation also can create and restore symmetry, which can foster a tremendous amount of self-consciousness in how one looks in clothing, in swim wear, and out of clothing!

The most important part of a consultation for Breast Augmentation in Dr. Hovsepian’s Beverly Hills practice is talking with each patient about how they want to look and make sure they are educated about what they are about to do, ensuring they feel safe with their procedure, and knowing that they feel secure in their pre-operative and post-operative care. Breast Augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills is customized for each patient. Dr. Hovsepian speaks with each patient at length about incision options, placement location, and the overall shape and size of breasts after augmentation. He also discusses immediate care as well as future care: Will you need to come back? How will it affect feeling in your nipples? How will Breast Augmentation potentially impact future child bearing or breastfeeding? These are all serious and good questions and you’re in safe capable hands at Dr. Raffi Hovsepian’s Beverly Hills practice when having your Breast Augmentation surgery performed. During an initial consultation, Dr. Hovsepian also offers patients the ability to view before and after photos of previous patients to help choose options that will deliver the very best results.

Just because the Breast Augmentation surgery is common in Beverly Hills, by no means should it be considered routine. It’s an important and exciting decision to make that can be empowering and life-changing, and Dr. Hovsepian will provide you with beautiful, natural looking results.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hovsepian to learn more about the benefits of Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills.