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The growing popularity of arm lift surgery

An April 2013 report released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicates that Arm Lift Surgery has increased in popularity by an incredible 4,378% in the last decade.  Obviously many Americans are learning that this surgery, designed to remove “batwings” from under arms is a minimally invasive procedure, often paired with liposuction to contour the arms to present a more attractive physique.

This phenomenon is primarily attributed to the number of people who have achieved significant weight loss.  While the underlying muscle in the arm may be toned from the hard work invested in exercise and healthy living, no amount of weight lifting can get rid of excess skin after weight loss.  The scar that comes from an arm lift is a happy trade-off for many Beverly Hills patients who have worked so hard to lose the weight and need to rid themselves of the excess skin.  Prior to an arm lift, cheering on a team, waving at a child, even doing the exercises in aerobics class that have helped the patient achieve weight loss are simple movements that can cause people to become self-conscious and uncomfortable.  The saggy skin looks unsightly and feels very uncomfortable as well.

Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian feels that the arm lift trend will continue as people learn more about it and realize the long lasting effects of the surgery.  To be able to wear a sleeveless or short sleeved shirt in the beautiful Beverly Hills climate, without feeling self-conscious about how your arms look, is a powerful thing.  Many patients have said that they no longer feel like they can only be photographed from the neck up and can participate more effectively in daily activities.  This is exciting and the beauty of plastic surgery - truly having the potential to enhance your life and self-confidence and make the most of the hard work and time you’ve invested in yourself.  Contact Dr. Hovsepian at his Beverly Hills office today to schedule a consultation for your arm lift.