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The effect of rhinoplasty surgery on an active lifestyle

Newport Beach prides itself on the healthy, outdoor lifestyle is so popular in California.  Dr. Hovsepian is often asked by patients considering rhinoplasty if they will be able to continue playing sports following a rhinoplasty procedure.  There’s not a blanket answer covering all scenarios, but in general, the answer is yes.  Rhinoplasty should enhance your appearance in a positive way, giving you self-confidence and a boost to enjoy the things you already love doing even more.  With that in mind, some general guidelines about sports and a rhinoplasty in Newport Beach follow.

Absolutely plan on taking a walk, even the day after your surgery.  It’s good for you to be up and moving around to help prevent blood clots from forming after surgery.  Do not run, jog, or do any other aerobic activity for a short period of time after rhinoplasty surgery.  You will want to avoid sports that require you to bend for at least two weeks, so no crunches, weight lifting, or other strenuous activities.

In general, moderate activities can be resumed after two weeks with the approval of Dr. Raffi Hovsepian.  As part of planning for the healing and recovery process, you should plan on avoiding strenuous sports or physical activity for the duration of the initial healing process; which is about six weeks.  You just made an investment in yourself, so take care of that investment properly.  Avoid contact sports for five to six months as an injury to the weakened area could harm the results of your rhinoplasty and further delay your full recovery.  Swimming and water sports can be resumed six weeks after surgery.   Remember too, as you’re participating in your healthy Newport Beach outdoor activities, wearing sunscreen is an absolute requirement to protect the newly healing skin.  It’s going to be very vulnerable to sun damage and should be protected accordingly.

These are just general guidelines to help alleviate concerns about downtime following rhinoplasty.  Contact Dr. Hovsepian today to schedule a consultation for your rhinoplasty in Newport Beach to discuss your personal situation in detail.