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Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon In Beverly Hills

7 Important Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Have a consultation scheduled? Don’t know what questions to ask about your procedure or Doctor? Well we’re here to help! Throughout the years of experience with patients, we have been able to compile the 7 most important questions that we’ve been asked. If you’ve made the decision to undergo plastic surgery, one of the most important things you can do is choose a highly qualified and experienced surgeon that you feel comfortable with. Your safety and aesthetic results depend on this important decision. Dr. Hovsepian and his staff suggest that the following seven questions and topics be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

1. Are you a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)?

2.Do you hold any memberships in any professional associations, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)?

3. Is the facility where I would undergo my surgery accredited? If so, accredited by what organization?

4. Do you have staff privileges at any local hospitals to perform the procedure on me?

5. What procedure(s) would you recommend that would best help me reach my aesthetic goals? What exactly should I expect during the surgery and through my recovery and healing period?

6. Are there any alternatives to the surgery you recommend, and what are the benefits or trade-offs?

7. What kind of recent experience do you have with the surgery you recommended for me? Can I view recent before-and-after pictures of your patients’ results?

Dr. Hovsepian and his staff always want to make this information easily accessible to their patients so that they are confident with their choice in scheduling a consultation.  Therefore most the information above is readily available to you on our website. Please visit RHMD Plastic Surgery to learn about Dr. Hovsepian’s board certifications, professional affiliations, curriculum vitae, procedures and much more.