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Proximity of Breast Revision to Breast Augmentation

Ending up with results that fall short of your expectations after a breast augmentation surgery can be heart breaking for many women, especially when the hope is to find relief from you. The process of finding the right plastic surgeon, scheduling consultations, going over your options, scheduling your operation, and healing can be exhausting, not getting your desired end result after such a process is very discouraging for many.

The first step to solving this issue is to call your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a breast revision consultation. Your plastic surgeon must fully understand how and why your breasts fall short of your expectations so they can create a surgical plan for your breast revision that will address and correct the issue(s). Usually your breast revision can be completed in one visit, but your plastic surgeon will advise you if an issue is better dealt with in a two-step process.

The most common issues addressed by breast reduction surgery are capsular contracture, implant position, distortion due to pectoral muscles, and severe capsular contracture and rupture. Some breast revision procedures, such as deflated or overly large implants, requires a short in-office preparation procedure.

Most plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills advise women to wait at least three months for a breast revision procedure after their initial breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons stress the importance of waiting to see what the true end result will be once settled. Hurrying into your breast revision surgery will only increase the likelihood of dissatisfaction with your new results. It takes several weeks for your breast skin to loosen and for your breast implants to drop to a more natural position.

If you had breast augmentation surgery and are unhappy with the results, call the offices of Dr. Hovsepian, breast surgery specialist, for your breast revision consultation. Dr. Hovsepian will take the time to understand exactly what your concerns are to help you formulate a plan for your breast revision that you are surely to be satisfied with!