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Preserve Your Ethnic Identity Through Rhinoplasty

Your ethnic identity is one of your strongest distinguishing factors. So why change or risk altering your ethnic identity with a plastic surgery procedure that will detract from your cultural heritage and ethnicity? The good news is there are physicians talented and experienced enough to preserve your skin color pigment and bone structure, while also giving you results you desire in an Ethnic Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills.

One such doctor is triple board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian. Having performed many a successful ethnic rhinoplasties in Beverly Hills, you can trust him to preserve the aspects of your nose that make you who you are while also giving you the improvements you want.

Beverly Hills Ethnic Rhinoplasty patients can expect a reduced or enhanced nasal bridge, redefined nasal shape and length, a balanced facial appearance, and increased self-confidence.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a procedure only for the most specialized physician who understands the subtle and complex differences in bone structure and facial structure for all races. Each procedure must be tailored very specifically in order to achieve the most natural results. The key is to enhance one’s ethnic traits rather than suppress them. Less qualified physicians might give every one of their patients a very similar rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills because that is all they are comfortable doing. The most experienced plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, such as Dr. Hovsepian, have the experience to highlight your ethnic features.

Dr. Hovsepian uses his expert surgical skills and artistic touch to create a natural looking and properly blended rhinoplasty, all while stressing the use of minimally invasive techniques.

Interested in seeing examples of Dr. Hovsepian’s previous ethnic rhinoplasty patients in Beverly Hills? Schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Hovsepian today. With an approach tailored specifically to your needs and ethnicity, he can provide you an ethnic rhinoplasty you can be proud of for the rest of your life.