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Preparing for Swimsuit Season with Plastic Surgery

Spring is the time for inspiration, fresh starts, clearing out the clutter, and in less poetic terms…time to start thinking about swimsuit season. When men and women alike start to shed their winter coats, they may see some sag where they didn't before, or not filling out a swimsuit in the manner in which they pictured over the summer. Dr. Raffi Hovsepian has found that spring is not only the season for planting, it’s a season for breast lift and breast augmentation. For men, it can be the season for a male breast reduction. Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their first trip to the beach or swimming pool, and when you consider recovery times spring is the season for Beverly Hills breast enhancement surgery.

Everyone heals differently and there are many variables in that process. Patients have reported feeling “bikini-ready” as soon as 3-4 weeks post-surgery. You may not yet have your final look and size stabilized, but you should feel good and confident in your bathing suit. Many breast lift and breast augmentation patients are excited to show off their new breasts and are excited about making that empowering change. However, be prepared to make some modifications to what may have been your normal beach routine in the past. Don’t overexpose yourself to sun, and maybe if you feel like your “upper pole fullness” hasn’t subsided enough you can wear a tshirt over your bikini or bathing suit and still feel very sexy and sensual with your new breast size.

If you’re looking to be bikini ready by the summertime, we’d encourage you to take advantage of spring and Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Hovsepian in Beverly Hills to discuss specifics of being bathing suit ready after breast lift or augmentation surgery.