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Prepare Yourself for Facelift Recovery

In Beverly Hills we’ve helped hundreds of facelift patients realize their facelift goals, but we don’t stop there. We ensure all of our patients have a positive recovery process, whether they’re recovering in the comfort of their own home or in a hotel room after traveling to undergo the procedure. Here’s a handful of items to have ready before your procedure so you’re recovery is as easy as possible:

  • Gel Ice Packs: Gel ice packs are preferred over regular ice packs because they are smooth and don’t create a wet mess when they melt. Gel ice packs are gentler to the touch on bruised areas of the face.
  • Broth-based soups: A common side-effect of any procedure is a decreased appetite due to nausea brought on by anesthesia. For this reason, we suggest our Beverly Hills facelift patients prepare by having broth-based soups and other bland foods that are easy on the stomach. Additionally, after having a facial surgery crunchy foods will be difficult to eat for a few days.
  • Bendable straws: It may sound silly, but bendable straws can make drinking so much easier after having a facelift.
  • Comfortable clothing: Take advantage of the time off you will be taking after your Beverly Hills facelift procedure by wearing comfortable clothing and loungewear. The more comfortable your clothing, the more you can concentrate on other aspects of your recovery.
  • Any post-operative prescriptions: In most cases Dr. Hovsepian will prescribe post-operative medications to ease pain and facilitate a healthy recovery process. It is always best to have these medications ready before you go in for the procedure, so you aren’t running across town getting prescriptions filled right after your procedure. When you are released from your procedure, it is always best to be able to head straight home!

We know our Beverly Hills facelift patients will have plenty of questions to ask before their procedure. Be sure to read our facelift page and browse through our blogs, but don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Hovsepian yourself by scheduling a consultation.