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Potential Scarring After Liposuction

Every liposuction patient we see is justifiably concerned about the risk of potential scarring. Many of our patients have read or heard about scarring horror stories where plastic surgery patients are forced to live with scars that resulted from an inexperienced or inept surgeon. We understand why these questions must be asked and do everything we can to make our patients comfortable with their liposuction procedure and every aspect of the results, including scars.

As with any plastic surgery that requires an incision, there will be some amount of scarring. The good news is that with modern surgical techniques and an expert plastic surgeon such as Dr. Raffi Hovsepian, your scarring concerns are well accounted for. An experienced plastic surgeon can choose artful locations for the scars, so that they will be masked and covered by clothing as much as possible. Additionally, modern surgical techniques such as Shrink Wrap Liposuction give patients more options when considering liposuction procedures, each with their own set of added benefits.

Before recent advancements in liposuction, the procedure required rather large incisions to accommodate a large suctioning device called a cannula being placed beneath the skin. The cannula was then moved around to loosen and then remove excess fat. These days, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons more commonly perform tumescent liposuction, which requires tiny incisions and an injection of an anesthetic saline solution which minimizes bleeding and makes fat easier to remove. In tumescent liposuction, any resulting scars will be nearly invisible and often fade away over time.

Traditional liposuction involves just one or two incisions in the upper and lower stomach. These incisions heal very quickly and can blend into the skin’s natural color. Dr. Hovsepian is very experienced placing these incisions in locations where they will be hidden from view, including in the belly button.

If you have additional concerns regarding scarring after liposuction, and we expect that you will, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hovsepian right away!