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Possible Side Effects of Radiesse

Radiesse is synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite filler, the same substance that makes up your bones. The compound has been developed into a gel product that can be injected. It is typically used to fill in deep wrinkles, folds, nasolabial folds, grooves under your eyes, and any larger volume loss on your face.  What sets this filler apart from other fillers is that it expands to cover more space when it is injected.  Your Radiesse treatment should last about a year.

Radiesse should be avoided in the lips. Injecting Radiesse into the lips often results in the formation of lumps (nodules or cyst) and is difficult to treat. Most complications with Radiesse are a result over-injecting the product. Finding a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with ample experience is crucial for any Radiesse injection, especially in the lips. You should expect some swelling and bruising after your Radiesse treatment that will subside after a couple of days.

Radiesse is reported as being more painful than other fillers by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, so using nerve blockers to alleviate the pain would be ideal.  To minimize these side effects, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons recommend the discontinuation of any anticoagulants not associated to your treatment, as well as the discontinuation of any vitamins, and smoking prior to and just after your treatment.  Other reported side effects include infection, bleeding, palpability, visibility, and numbness.

Overall, Radiesse has proven to be a very safe injectable. It tends to be firmer than other injectables, making it more appropriate for some parts of the body over others.  The most important factor in your Radiesse treatment is the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon you choose to inject it. Call the office of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hovsepian in Beverly Hills today for your Radiesse treatment consultation.