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Planning for Plastic Surgery

If you are planning to undergo plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, there are several things you need to do weeks before the surgery date. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the big day:

Physical Examination

First priority is your health and safety. Unless it’s a minor outpatient procedure, most plastic surgery procedures require blood work and a thorough history and physical exam from another medical provider to give clearance for the surgery. Important measures must be taken to ensure your physical health does not suffer or compromise your surgical result.

Know the Possible Complications

Every procedure has its risk and benefits. Be sure you know the pros and cons to your elected procedure. Although it’s not guaranteed that risks will happen, it’s good to be prepared and aware of what could happen just in case. If the end results of the surgery do not seem worth the risks to you, you may need to consider alternatives. Complications are typically very rare. However, smoking, alcohol intake, recreational drug use, certain prescription drug use, and certain medical conditions can increase your risk for complications. Be sure Dr. Raffi Hovsepian is aware of your medical history and habits.

Drug Use

Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, anabolic steroids (the type of steroids that add muscle mass), corticosteroids (the type of steroid often prescribed to fight inflammation) can all affect your surgery. The nicotine from tobacco products restricts blood flow to the skin and thus a decreased amount of oxygen. Too little oxygen in the skin can lead to skin death and severely inhibit or at least prolong healing of incisions and open wounds. Alcohol increases the risk of bleeding due to the negative effects it has on the liver. Many prescription drugs can also thin out the blood and increase the risk of bleeding. Recreational drugs can interfere with anesthesia and pain control after the surgery. Steroids can put you ask risk for infections when you in surgery and as your wounds heal.

It is in your best interest to let Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian know of all drugs, including supplements that you currently take and have taken in the six months prior to your procedure. Your safety and success of the procedure depend on it.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian will inform you how long you can expect the recovery process to take place. It’s important to know how long it will be until you can resume certain activities in order to avoid undoing or compromising your healing. Below are a few specific things to take into consideration especially if you need to plan for assistance, time off work/school, etc…

  • When may I remove my dressings or special garments?
  • When are my post-surgery appointments?
  • When may I drive?
  • When may I shower?
  • When may I take a bath or swim?
  • When may I exercise?
  • When may I have sex?
  • When may I resume my usual medications?
  • When may I lift/pick up my child?
  • When may I walk my dog(s)?
  • When will my pain or discomfort subside?
  • When may I stop taking pain medication?
  • When may I start using scar treatments?

Remember that your mental and emotional status can play a huge role in your healing process. Those who dwell on pain or discomfort will have more pain and discomfort. As soon as Dr. Hovsepian allows, try to get back to normal activity.


Last but certainly not least, perhaps even before you schedule your surgery, you must first ask yourself if your expectations are realistic. If your expectations are unrealistic, perhaps this is not the surgery for you or you may be okay with new information. Schedule a Consultation to discuss all your thoughts and expectations with Dr. Hovsepian to ensure the very best results.