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Nipple Reduction - Beverly Hills

Do I need nipple reduction surgery?

Large nipples can affect a woman’s and man’s appearance both when nude and in clothing. Women or men who suffer from large or long nipples can benefit from nipple reduction and has become more and more popular throughout the years. The nipple is made up of two parts: the nipple and the areola. The nipple is the projecting part and the areola is the darker pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple. There are many different ways to reduce enlarged nipples. There are many factors that can cause large nipples such as genetics, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy.

How is nipple reduction surgery performed?

Dr. Hovsepian will consult with you to determine what part of your nipple needs to be reduced. He will discuss whether the length or width of your nipples need to be reduced, sometimes both areas need reduction. Nipple reduction can be done alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift surgery. Nipple reduction can be done in an office setting. The surgery is performed using local anesthetic. The surgery is usually performed in about an hour and you can return to your normal activities within a day or two. Healing is rapid and incision placement is very inconspicuous. Nipple sensitivity is usually well maintained and results are very pleasing.

Do I need length reduction?

Nipples that are too long by either drooping down or projecting too far out can be shortened. Usually, to create a shorter nipple length, the end point of the nipple will be removed. Sometimes the skin along the neck of the nipple will be removed. In both circumstances, the nipple is then sutured, creating a shorted nipple length.

Do I need width reduction?

If the nipple is too wide (or thick), but not too long, a pie-shaped wedge will be removed from the undersurface of the nipple. This allows the nipple to be "taken in" and the circumference reduced.

Do I need both length and width reduction?

For some people the nipple may be too wide and too long. In those cases, both procedures are performed.

What is the recovery process for nipple reduction?

Recovery time will depend on the patient, but most patients can resume their normal activity within a day or two.
For a consultation with Dr. Hovsepian and for more information about nipple reduction surgery please contact us.

Nipple Reduction 1ANipple Reduction 1B

Nipple Reduction 2ANipple Reduction 2B

Before and after photos of a 38-year-old female with over projecting (long) nipples.

A conservative shorter nipple length was preformed by reducing the neck of the nipple by 5 mm. The procedure was performed using local anesthetic in the office and took only 30 minutes. Note that healing is rapid and incision placement is very inconspicuous, only after 2 weeks. Nipple sensitivity was completely maintained and results are very pleasing for the patient.