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Neck Lifts in Beverly Hills

We get a lot of questions from our clients in Beverly Hills on how to tighten or reduced the amount sag under the chin and around the neck.  There are few different things that can cause a sag or extra skin in this area and there are many ways of handling these issues.

Sometimes the problem is a stubborn “double chin” that hangs on even after weight loss or is present regardless of how a slender a person is everywhere else.  If that’s the case, then liposuction can solve the problem. Liposuction is a minimally invasive technique to remove excess fat below the chin providing a slimmer looking neck.  It works to tighten the skin as well but many of our clients request a full neck lift in addition to taking out the excess fat.

If you’re issue is just “loose skin,” you probably do not have any significant excess fat.  The “turkey neck” or saggy loose skin in caused by stretching and looseness of the underlying muscle (the platysma) and it carries the skin with it. One way to take care of the “turkey neck” is by doing a central neck lift. This involves detaching the skin from the muscle centrally and then tightening the muscle and the surrounding skin. If this is not enough, then the disconnection is extended behind the ear and the muscle is tightened there and excess skin is removed.

A lot of Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients opt for a modified face lift along with the neck lift. In those younger than say fifty, with minimal problems in the face, a procedure such as the MACS Lift (a short scar lift) may be the ideal way to solve the problem.  This procedure also tightens the jowl as well as significantly tightening the neck.  Removing excess skin with this procedure is easier and more aesthetically pleasing than the neck lift behind the ear.

If you are in the Beverly Hills area, contact our office to set up a consultation today so we can address your specific situation. Everyone is different and we will be happy to address your specific individual needs.  You will be happy you called.