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Makeup Application After Having a Facelift

It can be difficult to apply make-up after undergoing extreme changes in your facial appearances with a procedure such as a facelift. You will have to re-learn how to apply your make-up, brining you back into your youth that you thought possible with a facelift.

First off, it is extremely important you discuss with your physician when you can begin to apply makeup again after your procedure. You want to make sure all stitches that are going to be removed have been removed to avoid irritating or infection any wounds.

This is your chance to start fresh, so do your research on any new makeup techniques that are out there. Possibly look into new products and what make up tips will work best for your new face! Watch out for sensitivity near the incision sites, so be gentle, especially when adding your foundation. It is extremely important to use makeup tools and brushes for areas such as eyes, and make sure they are clean!

To achieve a natural, youthful look be sure to apply makeup sparingly. You don’t want the work you’ve had done to be discredited by piling on the foundation. You now have less wrinkles and firmer skin, so you will need less concealer and foundation!

Make sure you accent one main feature, typically the eyes or cheek bones of the skin. Again, be humble in makeup application, you really want to accent your features and new look post facelift.

Lastly, keeping a nice shape to your eyebrows, regardless of makeup will always make your face have a bright clean look. A new hair cut that frames your face might be in order as well!

Dr. Hovsepian cautions each of his facial plastic surgery patients about what types of make-up are safe for after a procedure and when it’s okay to start using make-up again. If you have an idea of what procedure you want but have more questions to ask, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hovsepian today!