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Is exploratory use of Latisse safe?

Latisse is popular in Beverly Hills for giving women full and seductively long lashes. Latisse is approved by the FDA for use in the upper eyelid only, but that has not stopped people from experimenting with Latisse in other areas of their bodies.

A couple of popular areas Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and ophthalmologist have reported patients exploring the possible effects of Latisse are the lower eye lids and the eyebrows. Although Latisse is only approved by the FDA for use on the upper eyelid, Latisse reportedly worked well in these alternative locations.  Beverly Hills physicians do not condone the off-label use of any prescription medications, this abuse can result in serious injury.

Latisse is a bimatoprost, which is identical to the medication used for glaucoma.  Using Latisse on the eyebrows and locations other than the upper eyelid will result in darkened, even red pigmentation of the underlying skin.

Applying Latisse to your lower eyelid is especially dangerous because it is easier for the Latisse to get into your ocular surface. This will result in low pressure in the eye, which can be harmful to the patient. Getting Latisse in the ocular surface may also cause it to change the pigment of your iris. This affect can be as dramatic as green eyes turning to hazel.  If you are considering surgery for cataracts or even Lasik surgery, your risk of complications are greatly increased if using Latisse on your lower eyelids.

Triple board certified Dr. Raffi Hovsepian has all of the knowledge and experience to help you safely grow longer, darker, and thicker lashes.  Call his Beverly Hills office today and schedule your consultation for Latisse. At Dr. Hovsepian’s office you will receive instruction on how to apply Latisse, and a short tutorial on best practices for Latisse.