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How to Reduce Scarring after Plastic Surgery

It is no secret that a side effect of plastic surgery is scarring. Dr. Hovsepian does his best to minimize scarring using specialized techniques and placement of incisions that are hidden, but it is inevitable that scarring will occur. There are multiple ways to prevent scarring and minimize scars.

First off, to minimize scarring after surgery it is a good idea to not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.  These substances interfere with the body’s natural healing process and can make scarring more severe than if the skin was at its full, healthy potential.

These are nine other methods that will help reduce scarring post-surgery.

Surgical Technique
The type of sutures that are used can have a great effect on how severe scarring is.  It is important for Dr. Hovsepian to avoid external sutures, they can create a “railroad” look of a scar.

It is important to take into consideration your genetics.  The amount of scarring that will occur depends on your skin tone and genetics.  If you have other scars on your body, that is a good indication of how you will scar after the surgery.

The location of the incision will make a difference as well. Dr. Hovsepian will do his best to place incision in locations that will be hidden visibly, in and out of clothing.

Keeping the wound area moisturized during the healing process will minimize the scarring.  You can purchase over the counter creams that are medically tested to reduce scarring.

Kenalog (steroid) Injections
This is typically done for raised scars, or Keloid scars. The injections help reduce pain and itching, and aim to flatten the scar.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
Using blasts of light energy into the scar and below the top layers of skin, this therapy can reduce redness of the scar and quicken the healing process. This is usually done in about five treatments.

Using very fine crystals on the skin, microdermabrasion can help reduce a scar’s appearance.

Surgical Revision
A scar can be revised surgically by re-excising the scar and initializing treatments immediately to reduce the appearance. Sometimes radiation treatments are used and found to be successful.

Radiation therapy works for scar therapy along with cancer therapy.

To learn more about surgical options and treatment, contact Dr. Hovsepian’s office today to schedule your initial consultation.