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How is the Belly Button Affected by a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a procedure sought by men and women alike to achieve a flatter, more youthful stomach.  Whether the “pooch” a patient experiences is from weight gain or previous pregnancies, a tummy tuck aims to fold and remove excess skin, creating a firm, flat stomach.

So if skin is removed and folded, what happens to the belly button? Well, the belly button must be surgically recreated, a procedure otherwise known as an umbilicoplasty. This part of the procedure requires a great amount of attention and surgical skill. It is important to get as natural look of a belly button as possible, this does not mean a perfect circle.  Most natural belly buttons are not perfect circles, and if they are, it could be a clear cut giveaway that a tummy tuck procedure was performed.

Dr. Hovsepian takes into consideration your existing belly button and what you desire your future tummy to look like. He must also take into consideration, post-operative scarring that can alter the shape of your new belly button.  If the belly button is too small, scar tissue will make it even smaller.  If the belly button is too large, this could look proportional and unnatural.

There is no one technique to achieve the perfect belly button.  It is important you see your surgeon’s previous work and decide if his/her “belly button art” is up to your standards. Everyone is different and everyone has different opinions.  Dr. Hovsepian will be sure to give you a detailed account of how he will approach the umbilicoplasty, leaving no stone unturned.

It is important to remember that weight gain or loss after the procedure may also alter the appearance of your belly button.  Candidates for a tummy tuck must be at a stable weight and are not planning on having any more children. Dr. Hovsepian will go over everything from requirements to risks in your initial consultation.