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Getting Comfortable with Your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The biggest and most important decision you will make when considering plastic surgery is choosing the right plastic surgeon. The right plastic surgeon for someone else might not be the best plastic surgeon for you, so it’s imperative that you do your own research and meet face-to-face with your surgeon before choosing them to perform your life-altering procedure.

A good place to start when searching for a plastic surgeon is to limit your search to board certified plastic surgeons with certifications in the area of expertise that includes the procedure you are interested in. Choosing a properly board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills guarantees you will be working with an experienced and trained plastic surgeon, but that’s just the beginning.

You will want to visit the website of each plastic surgeon you are considering. The website should include before and after photos of the surgeons’ previous work and you should also request to see photos of additional patients during your consultation. On the website you should also find a comprehensive list of education, experience and specializations.

Once you have narrowed your list of potential surgeons to a small handful, feel free to call their office and speak to the receptionist. The receptionist will give you your first impression of the surgeon’s practice and how you should expect to be treated there. Prepare a list of questions you feel should be able to be answered by a receptionist and pay close attention to how your questions are answered. Keep in mind much of your experience with your surgeon’s practice will be with his/her staff.

In preparing for your consultation, brainstorm any questions and concerns you might have and write them down. Don’t leave anything to question and make sure the surgeon believes you are a viable candidate for the procedure. Don’t feel uncomfortable getting to know your surgeon on a personal level. The surgeon will have no qualms about getting to know you if they expect to be your preferred plastic surgeon moving forward.

It's Dr. Hovsepian’s hope that each patient that comes to him interested in plastic surgery feels welcome and safe with Dr. Hovsepian and his staff. Schedule a consultation today to begin your plastic surgery experience as soon as possible!