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Does rhinoplasty impact a patients voice?

Rhinoplasty surgery has been one of the most common and popular plastic surgery procedures in Newport Beach for several years now, and by our estimation in Dr. Hovsepian’s Newport Beach office, it will continue to be.  With a relatively short recovery time and very manageable postoperative pain, the immediate positive impact that a rhinoplasty has on a person’s overall appearance can be tremendous.  91% of rhinoplasty patients are women, but the ladies don’t really corner the market on rhinoplasty…it was the second most popular procedure for men last year.

A common question about rhinoplasty surgery from men and women in Newport Beach is if a rhinoplasty will affect their voice.  Professional singers and actors have the greatest worry about this, as even the slightest change in the timbre of their voice may be detectable, and undesirable.  But for the most part, it is generally safe to say that a rhinoplasty will not affect your voice in a negative way.  A rhinoplasty is designed to fix a cosmetic problem.  It can have the added benefits of solving internal structural issues as well as issues that may have caused breathing issues for the Newport Beach patient, such as deviated septum, snoring, and prolonged colds.  When those breathing and nasal passages are opened up, the nasal resonance may change.  Again, this should be slight and not noticeable for the most part.  If anything, speaking up or in front of a group may be easier and sound better than before since the voice is more easily brought forward.

Immediately following surgery, one of the common feelings after a rhinoplasty is that of congestion, as if you had a heavy cold.  This will change your speaking voice, just as having a cold will for a short amount of time.  This is most likely the extent of voice changing that you’ll see.  With time and proper care this will return to normal.  Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hovsepian in Newport Beach today to have more in depth discussion about what to expect following rhinoplasty.