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Does Massaging Breasts After Breast Augmentation Improve Results?

After Beverly Hills breast augmentation, Dr. Hovsepian recommends post-operative massage of the breast.  This is different from how most people traditionally think of “massage”.  Follow instructions explicitly although it might be uncomfortable, especially at first.  Doing a massage routine 3-4 different times throughout the day, for the first 3 months following surgery, is the most important period in which you can affect adjustments made to the shape and contour of your breasts.  Massaging the tissue keeps your breasts soft and supple and prevents hard scar tissue from forming.  Breast massage helps implants settle to a more natural and youthful position and can help to ensure the very best results.

While the massage of breast implants is different from a massage performed by a spa aesthetician or professional masseuse, many patients have recognized the benefits of those massages as well.  Pre-operation, many patients are nervous about the procedure and anxiety affects the recovery process after surgery.  People have found that getting a professional massage prior to surgery can help them relax and look forward to their surgery and be more focused on the recovery process, as studies have shown that massage releases endorphins and serotonin, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.  Post-Operative massages reduce pain by interfering with the pain signals sent by the brain.   Massage can reduce swelling and soften the skin.  Part of the body’s natural healing process is to seek to protect an injured site from further harm.  Although the mind understands the difference between a cosmetic surgery incision and a cut, the body’s response treats it the same.  Massaging the affected area both by one’s self and by a professional masseuse softens the collagen and tough buildup of fibrous scar tissue.  Massage also dissipates the build-up of toxins and increases blood flow to the breast, promoting healthy healing.

Schedule your consulation with Dr. Hovsepian and remember to ask about the benefits of therapeutic massage both pre- and post-operation.