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Considering Shrink Wrap Liposuction?

If you are considering Shrink Wrap Liposuction in or near Beverly Hills you could not be in a more optimal location! Beverly Hills is the home of the pioneer of Shrink Wrap Liposuction Dr. Raffi Hovsepian.   You could not ask for a better Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to perform your shrink wrap liposuction than Dr. Hovsepian who understands all the intricacies and best practices of a particular procedure and method.

If you struggle with stubborn, diet and exercise resistance fat, Shrink Wrap Liposuction may be the procedure for you.

This minimally invasive procedure yields all of the results and more that a highly invasive procedure would. While literally melting stubborn fat deposits, Shrink Wrap Liposuction simultaneously induces collagen retraction. This cutting edge innovative procedure both reduces fat and tightens skin, resulting in overall tissue shrinkage.

It is important when considering a procedure that you understand how it works. While this blog will only cover the basics of Shrink Wrap Liposuction, a consultation with the expert himself, Dr. Hovsepian, will thoroughly cover everything pertinent to your individual experience. Feel free to write down any and all additional questions you may have about Shrink Wrap Liposuction and bring them with you when you come to Beverly Hills for your consultation.

Shrink wrap liposuction combines traditional liposuction and laser liposuction to very accurately target specific fat deposits, melting and vaporizing significant amounts of fat. Unlike traditional liposuction, Shrink Wrap Liposuction treats excess skin in addition to treating excess fat.  Even better, the skin tightening technique used continues to work for several months after your treatments, continuously augmenting your bodies shape!

If you are considering Shrink Wrap Liposuction come to the Beverly Hills office of Dr. Hovsepian today! Scheduling your consultation with Dr. Hovsepian is not only quick and easy, but will ensure that you are in the hands of the most experienced and competent Shrink Wrap Liposuction surgeon.