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Choosing to have a breast lift after significant weight loss

Recently, we discussed significant weight loss and how body contouring procedures such as an arm lift, or brachioplasty, are growing in astounding numbers.  Studies indicate that life changing weight loss, the “Biggest Loser” effect, is changing the face of fitness across the United States.  Patients who have worked so hard to lose significant weight are then left with excess skin that simply cannot be exercised away.  The final culmination of this tremendous achievement is body contouring surgery to remove the excess skin.  This cosmetic procedure allows the newly toned muscles to be visible where they may not without the procedure, and really brings a tremendous boost and self-confidence to people who have made such great strides in improving their health and their appearance.  Any person who has been overweight for any amount of time can tell you that changing their inner perception of how they look is the most difficult part of their journey.  They look in the mirror and still see the same heavy person that was always there.  Losing that image can be harder than losing any pounds they may have shed and making this investment in themselves is one of the most rewarding and positive things they've done on their journey.

Beverly Hills breast lift patients of Dr. Hovsepian’s are no exception.  Stories of weight loss of 15 lbs or greater have an untold story of sagging, loose, floppy breasts that are not in keeping with the rest of the toned body.  Common complaints of breast lift patients are that their clothes aren’t fitting right, that one breast sags even lower than the other, and the challenges of finding undergarments to fit breasts that have lost their volume after weight loss. Beverly Hills breast lift patients have found that this surgery is perfect for women who don’t necessarily want larger breasts, but do want to have more attractive and youthful breasts.  Breast lift surgery raises the breast tissue and nipple and can restore the supple feeling of the breasts prior to the significant weight loss.

If you’re considering a breast lift, contact Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills office to schedule a consultation.