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Cheek Lift Basics - Dr. Raffi Hovsepian

A cheek lift aims to improve the appearance of the cheeks and mid-face area. Many people in Beverly Hills that seek out a cheek lift complain of early aging and hereditary pre- dispositions. There are four main approaches to a cheek lift, and only an experienced, certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is qualified to decide what cheek lift technique is best for you.

  1. The scalp approach allows your plastic surgeon to approach the cheek lift from the scalp, and ultimately hide your incision scar under your hair. Risks associated with this approach are inadequate correction, hair loss, and wider scars.
  2. The lower eyelid approach allows your plastic surgeon to achieve a significant amount of lift in the cheeks through the eyelids. Risks associated with this approach include dry eye syndrome, retraction, and ectropion.
  3. The oral approach involves making incisions inside of the mouth, hiding them all together. This approach also has the least threatening risks, which is simply upper lip numbness.
  4. Many patients in Beverly Hills who choose to undergo a cheek lift also choose to undergo a simultaneous facelift. Performing both procedures during the same operation is both safe, and optimal for healing and time conservation. If you are getting a facelift, your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon can perform the cheek lift through the facelift incision, not only killing two birds with one stone, but saving you from extra scaring.

Although the different methods utilize different approaches, they all seek to achieve the same end goal. Augmenting your overall appearance is clearly a part of this goal, but more specifically, a cheek lift aims to improve diminution of the jowls, the hollowness of the tear trough, enhance cheek fullness, and decrease down turning in the corners of the mouth.

Do not hesitate to call triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raffi Hovsepian in Beverly Hills today.  Dr. Hovsepian will speak to you openly and honestly about your cheek lift candidacy and options.