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Results from Breast Revision in Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

Understanding Silicone Breast Implants

While the end results is often the same or very similar, there are important differences to understand between silicone breast implants and saline breast implants. The biggest difference is that in...

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Be Ready for These Things Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

Swelling: As with nearly all plastic surgery procedures, there will be post-operative bruising in the treated area. In the case of breast augmentation, this is perfectly normal but there are ways to...

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Breast Augmentation to Get Rid of Breast Asymmetry

One of the most common reason women come to our Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice is because they’re unhappy with the size of their breasts. In many of these cases, the patients want a breast...

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New 24-Hour Breast Implants in Beverly Hills

Have you ever thought you wish your breasts could be larger, just for a day? Well, that goal is now possible with 24-hour saline injections. Women can receive the injection, and for a full 24-hours,...

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Popularity of Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

Just after Lipoplasty, Breast Augmentations come in second as the most popular form of plastic surgery in Beverly Hills and across America. Making up 18.9% of all plastic surgery procedures, and that...

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Proximity of Breast Revision to Breast Augmentation

Ending up with results that fall short of your expectations after a breast augmentation surgery can be heart breaking for many women, especially when the hope is to find relief from you. The process...

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Does Massaging Breasts After Breast Augmentation Improve Results?

After Beverly Hills breast augmentation, Dr. Hovsepian recommends post-operative massage of the breast.  This is different from how most people traditionally think of “massage”.  Follow...

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How long do breast implants last?

Previous manufacturer recommendations that were communicated were to replace breast implants after 10 years. As a result, patients were encouraged to seek a breast augmentation revision to ensure...

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Capsular Contracture Treatment in Beverly Hills

What is capsular contracture?Did you know that there is no way of telling which patients will develop capsular contracture and that it occurs in less than 5% of patients that undergo breast...

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