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Results from Breast Lift in Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

Understand a Breast Lift and What Can be Achieved

As with any surgery, before you decide to go through with an operation it is important to know what the procedure entails and what results will be achieved. At your initial consultation with Dr....

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What Causes Breasts to Lose Volume, Shape?

Ptosis is what is medically termed as the sagging of breasts.  The main cause to this natural consequence is age.  As we age, our skin elasticity decreases and gravity starts showing its power. If...

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Types of Breast Lift Surgeries

Just as there are different shapes and sizes of breast implants, there are different types of breast lift surgeries. Not all women are good candidates for all the various approaches, your board...

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Mommy Makeovers in Beverly Hills

You’ll be among the celebrities when you sign up to get a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills. How do so many celebrity moms look so amazing after childbirth? Well, the mommy makeover procedure is...

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Choosing to have a breast lift after significant weight loss

Recently, we discussed significant weight loss and how body contouring procedures such as an arm lift, or brachioplasty, are growing in astounding numbers.  Studies indicate that life changing...

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Preparing for Swimsuit Season with Plastic Surgery

Spring is the time for inspiration, fresh starts, clearing out the clutter, and in less poetic terms…time to start thinking about swimsuit season. When men and women alike start to shed their...

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Does a breast lift result in significant scarring?

Breast Lift surgery in Beverly Hills is one of the most common procedures performed both in Dr. Hovsepian’s Beverly Hills office but around the country as well. For many women who have experienced...

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So What’s a Mommy Makeover All About?

After gifting the world with a young human being, a new mother has to deal with the effects of pregnancy and nursing. A mother's own physical appearance changes substantially during and after...

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Breast Lift or Mastopexy in Los Angeles

What is mastopexy or breast lift? Unfortunately for women with age, pregnancy, or weight loss or gain come numerous changes in the size, shape, and elasticity of your breasts. Many women may...

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