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Brow Lifts in Beverly Hills

Bothered by expression lines or other signs of aging in the brow region? If you live in the Beverly Hills area we can help you raise your brow lines and take years off your face.  Sagging brow lines make the face look tired and often angry because those frown lines gather in between the eyebrows.  A brow lift can easily minimize that crease that develops across the forehead, or those that occur high on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes.  By doing this people look rejuvenated, alert and much more youthful.

A lot of our Beverly Hills brow lift clients get the procedre to reposition low or sagging brows that create a hood over the upper eyelids.  It really is amazing how much a difference just repositioning that brow back a little can make.  You and those around you will see a new, younger look on your face that is bound to translate in feeling more rejuvenated and alive.  Brow lifts are often combined with a facelift to further correct aging changes in the mid-to-lower face and neck regions.

The recovery time for brow lifts is usually about 2 weeks. There are a variety of brow lift procedures, and they can each vary in terms of recovery time. The endoscopic type requires about 6 days to fully recover.  If you just had the mid-forehead procedure it’s about 8 days.  The lateral and trichophytic approaches all require 4 to 7 days for complete recovery and presentability.

Our Beverly Hills brow lift clients often tell us that recovery can be sooner if you can sleep without lying on your back. Sleeping in a recliner or something that keeps you semi-upright helps a lot. Those neck pillows people take with them on air-flights can help keep your head up right. The key is to keeping your head elevated which keeps swelling and bruising at a minimum.  Also, try to avoid pain relievers that contain aspirin. Pain, thankfully, is not a huge issue with this procedure.  If anything, our Beverly Hills facial surgery clients complain of ‘tightness’ more than pain. Avoid chewing anything that requires chewing too long as well.  It’s also best to not do anything that will raise your blood pressure for at least 3 weeks, for example: strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, straining, etc.

Depending on variables such as skin thickness, skin elasticity, the degree of environmental damage, and the type of brow lift performed you can reasonably to expect a brow lift to last 5 to 10 years.  If you are considering a brow lift or any other cosmetic procedure, contact us today. We have helped many men and women in the Beverly Hills area erase years off their faces. Let us help you. Schedule your consultation today!