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Areola Reduction in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Areola Reduction Surgery

Areola-Reduction-Beverly-HillsMany women today who are thinking about undergoing breast surgery (breast augmentation) are also asking about their areola size, curious if their areola is to large. Is there an exact size that the areola should be? The answer is no, each woman has a unique body and breast. There is no exact size that the areola should be because all breasts are different in size and shape. Some women have large or puffy areola, this can occur because of genetics, weight loss, breast implants, or breast-feeding. Also with age the areola may expand and stretch. The goal of the surgery no matter the technique is to reduce the diameter of the areola, and sometimes to lift the areola to a higher position. Areola Reduction Surgery can enhance the overall aesthetics of the breast.

What to expect during your surgery

Areola reduction surgery can be performed with local anesthetic, light sedation, and even general anesthesia. This decision will be made based on the complexity of the surgery. The incision will be made around the circumference of the areola. The surgery will be performed in an operating room and can take 1-2 hours. This surgery is done on an out patient basis and you will be able to return home after your procedure, you will need a driver.

Areola reduction surgery recovery

Recovery time varies from patient to patient and depends on the extent of the surgery. Most patients can return to work and resume light activity within a few days. It is important to follow all of you post-operative instructions carefully and to keep all of your post-operative follow up appointments.

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Raffi Hovsepian MD
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