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A Liquid Facelift to Prepare for an Interview?

Many people are now working well past the age that was considered traditional for retirement in the past for a variety of reasons; they need to, they enjoy their jobs, or they want to stay busy and productive to continue building their nest eggs.  Many of Dr. Hovsepian’s patients in Beverly Hills have talked with him about how they feel younger than their age because of a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, sagging facial muscles that are inevitable with age and time aren’t reflecting the youthful energy within.  Now more than ever, with multiple generations in the workplace, it’s important to people to look their brightest, and the Liquid Facelift is one of the most popular procedures in Dr. Hovsepian’s Beverly Hills office to help them do just that.

Recovery from any surgical procedure generally takes longer as a person ages.  A body simply needs more time to heal.  People don’t want to wait several months for swelling to subside and scars to heal to reap the benefits of a traditional surgical facelift.  The minimally invasive procedure of a Beverly Hills Liquid Facelift can produce attractive and immediate benefits for patients, and downtime is much shorter.  Dr. Hovsepian would recommend limited exercise and sun exposure for the first 24 hours but most patients are back to work and resuming their normal activities within the next day or two.

Studies show that the older generation brings a lot to the workplace environment.  Their years of institutional knowledge and experience are invaluable.   Studies also show that salaries for older workers, particularly women, tend to be lower than those of their younger counterparts.  A Liquid Facelift, with its fast recovery time and history of proven results, may be exactly the answer that a Beverly Hills patient is looking for to help make sure they are keeping their competitive advantage in the workplace.   If you’re feeling and looking your best, it’s going to show in your workplace.

To determine if a Liquid Facelift is the correct procedure for you, Schedule a Consultation with Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian in his Orange County or Newport Beach office.