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Breast Enhancement

Dr. Hovsepian is committed to providing excellence in treatment with trusting compassionate care with all of his patients. He utilizes the most innovative advancements in breast aesthetics providing natural looking results individualized to meet each patient’s enhancement goals.

The breast enhancement procedures Dr. Hovsepian performs range from aesthetic enhancements such as breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction; to breast reconstruction for childbirth-associated deformities, or mastectomies from cancer treatment. Fellow surgeons and past patients highly respect his work, referring women to him for secondary (revisional) breast enhancement to correct problems or flaws with previous breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammaplasty)

Also known as augmentation mammaplasty, breast augmentation creates a fuller, softer, and naturally proportioned breast shape using breast implants. Post-pregnancy and post-weight-loss women often combine this procedure with another breast enhancement, such as, a breast lift or breast asymmetry correction to achieve their aesthetic goals. As a woman, you know that your breast contour and fullness influence your self-image. Dr. Hovsepian, experienced in breast enhancement techniques and technology, is here to support you in achieving your personal breast augmentation goals. Learn More >

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift restores firmness, curves, and projection for a more flattering breast contour. Women can restore their shape after pregnancy or weight loss and often combine a lift with breast reduction or breast augmentation. Dr. Hovsepian’s refined expertise and artistic approach has helped many patients achieve their personal breast enhancement goals. Learn More >

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Also known as reduction mammaplasty, a breast reduction is appropriate to balance the body proportionally and alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. Dr. Hovsepian has the surgical insight and advanced techniques to offer a full range of breast reductions for women to balance their shape and provide for a more natural breast contour, empowering women to feel more confident with their bodies. Learn More >

Breast Revision

If your previous breast enhancement fell short of your goals, Dr. Hovsepian can help you achieve the softer, fuller, natural contour you wanted all along. His artistry, skill, and experience in breast surgery provide women a full range of approaches for pleasing results. He specializes in correcting disappointing results and addressing particularly challenging cases to support women in achieving their breast enhancement goals. Learn More >

Breast Asymmetry

Most people have slightly different-sized or asymmetrical breasts. In some cases the difference in size is pronounced and correction is often desired. When family traits, changes during pregnancy, or trauma have left your breasts looking dramatically different from each other, this imbalanced shape can damage your self-confidence and sense of wellbeing. The best procedure will depend on several factors, including how you want to balance the breasts. Dr. Hovsepian is highly skilled and experienced in evaluating and treating asymmetrical breasts. Learn More >

Breast Reconstruction

Losing a breast is a difficult experience, but it does not have to be permanent. A woman deserves to feel whole after the loss of a breast to cancer or other causes. Breast reconstruction provides women a way to restore their natural breast contour and regain confidence in their bodies. Experienced in the field of breast restoration, Dr. Hovsepian’s breast reconstruction procedures aim to restore the breast to a normal appearance and contour, as well as, to reverse the effects of mastectomy, trauma, or congenital breast deformities. Learn More >

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Although rarely discussed, an estimated 40 to 60 percent of the adult male population is afflicted with "women-like breasts" to at least some degree. Gynecomastia is a condition that may affect one or both breasts and is most noticeable at the beach, pool, or in a locker room. For men self-conscious about their condition, known as gynecomastia, Dr. Hovsepian can perform a breast-reduction surgery to restore a more natural normal chest contour and appearance. Learn More >