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The Foundation

Dedicated and committed to the advancement of his profession nationally and internationally, Dr. Hovsepian founded the International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute (IAPSI). Dr. Hovsepian’s vision for the institute is creating a collaborative and educational environment for international plastic surgeons to exchange best practice case studies, cutting edge techniques and technology being innovated globally for the betterment of the aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery profession.

His goal is to have a center of excellence, always striving for the highest standards in patient care and maintaining leadership in the forefront of aesthetic plastic surgery. Additionally, IAPSI aspires to educate the public regarding innovative advancements in the profession and how new techniques and technology can safely and effectively help them meet their aesthetic enhancement goals.

In his International Relations efforts, Dr. Hovsepian has traveled as an international visiting scholar performing educational surgery on four continents including North America, Asia, South America and Europe. The international respect Dr. Hovsepian continues to earn as a surgeon allows him to travel the world collaborating with surgeons about innovative advancements in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Furthering his commitment to education in his profession, Dr. Hovsepian has lectured nationally and internationally at over thirty conferences, taught courses, authored numerous book chapters, medical articles, and educational videos.